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메인캐릭터3명 이미지 THE WAR OF GENESIS Battle of Antraria Strategy MMORPG
The Rise of the Dark Prince Many years ago, Karl Styner, crown prince of the Geisir Empire, set off on a lone journey, wandering the lands and seeking enlightenment in the art of war. During this time, the emperor of the Geisir was injured in battle and many territories were lost. Feeling the burden of duty calling him, Styner put a halt to his journey and returned to the Empire.
      Styner felt that his youthful appearance and fragile stature might become an obstacle in establishing the strong leadership necessary to reign over such a vast empire. The wise prince hid himself behind a dark helm and armor and exercised his exceptional leadership. Through this, he was reborn as the Dark Prince. He appointed 7 Imperial Heroes and set out to bring peace and unity to Antaria…
The Continent of Antaria and the Endless War An era of chaos has swept across Antaria.
      Here, a conflict has raged for generations. The Silver Arrow Alliance, united by the religious Kingdom of Pandragon, continues their tense conflict against the Dark Armor Alliance, a league of nations held together by the might of the Geisir Empire.
      War clouds hang over the continent due to the unending battle between the two alliances. War is everywhere, fierce and all consuming.